About us

About Us - Pearl Caviar

At Pearl Caviar, we understand that a Pearl is the heart of the Ocean. We are a group of passionate pearl experts from France who have extensive collective experience in the Pearl Industry.


We started our journey with the aim of providing you, our valued customers, with the best pearls on the face of the earth. All our offerings are made from real cultured pearls which are unmatched in their quality. We guarantee that the very sight of our pearl products will make you fall in love and never let go.


Our experts are dedicated to the service of our customers and take great care in choosing only the top-class pearls for all our specially made products. As we are a worldwide organization, we can provide you with quality pearl products at reasonable prices on any corner of the globe.


When shopping with us, you can be sure of the quality and authenticity of our pearls. No matter which product you choose, we guarantee complete satisfaction and total peace of mind.


So the next time the desire for a pearl takes root in your heart, remember Pearl Caviar, the Heart of the Pearl.


Your one-stop place for genuine high luster pearl.